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Hi there! I’m Melissa Kelly or MelKel if you prefer (I like to think we’re already at the point of giving each other nicknames). 


I was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario. In my not-yet-so-lengthy career in radio I’ve moved 4 times since 2015… from London, to Kincardine, to Lloydminster, Alberta, then to Thunder Bay, and now, the Big Nickel! Much to my mother’s delight I’m slowly inching closer to home, but secretly, I just love bubble wrap.


I hope Sudbury will quickly become my NEW home! 


I’m a BIG time sports nut :) I play hockey, soccer, badminton, volleyball, softball… basically anything I can weasel my way into; I’ll be on your team whether you like it or not! …oh, and most recently, I joined a RUNNING group. Running and I have a love/hate relationship though… 


Super psyched to get to know you and say ‘hi’ each and every weekday afternoon!


Talk soon!


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